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Hansens Classes

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Schoolyear!

Welcome to S2!! This semester moves VERY quickly! January brings a host of fun events. First is the team selections for Code Quest at Lockheed Martin. Columbine will send both an Advanced and Novice Team. Secondly, the ten-member First Robotics is well underway; see Juli Thomas in the library for more information. Then, APCSP will attend JEFFCON on Jan 31! Lastly, Mr Varney's eSports Club is already competing on the second game: Rocket League) at Ace Room. See Tommy Phan or go to the Ace Room after school, Tuesdays for competition days. Digital Music Club continues to meet Tues after school.

Students of Computer Science are encouraged to consider future study at Jeffco's Warren Tech, ACC or pursue a Trade or Business Interest of their choosing. Warren Tech Central's Open House will be THURS, 23 Jan from 5 - 8 pm at Warren Tech Central, 13300 W 2nd Pl, Lakewood, CO 80228

APCSP will attend JEFFCON on Fri, Jan 31 from 8 - 4 meeting at the Jeffco Ed Center: 1829 Denver W Dr, Golden, CO 80401 Room Assignment Locations Students who have mastered these skills hold some of the utmost tech savvy intelligence minds on campus. I'm so proud of what you've created so far! I can't wait to see your new sites, photocomps, animations, drawing designs and digital sound creations!

Wanna do 3d?? Check out FREE blender & the tutorial. Many students are using this technology to compliment their Unity Game Designs. Though most students use this platform for game development, the program also features many architecture and engineering functions, much more complex than SketchUp students used in Middle School.

If you are in a Design class, your class fee allows you to signin to Creative Cloud from Home (NOTE: must be a full computer; does not work on chromebooks)

Planning your schedule? Wanna know which Computer Classes you should take NEXT? Checkout the Sample CS Student Schedule & list of Columbine Opportunities. Columbine High School offers a comprehensive listing of student courses for a well-rounded education. Many of the courses associated with our Computer Arts & Sciences pathway offer students an introductory approach to future careers in Computer-Based Art, Design, Gaming, Motion Graphics, App Programming & Hardware Repair & Networking. Select class link at left for course specifics.

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