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Game Design

Whenever our Nation goes through hard times, people look to entertainment as a way to escape to another world for awhile. For that reason, the Entertainment and Gaming Industry continues to grow, despite difficult Economic Times. Jobs, Degrees, Coding Languages, ALL are growing! As we sit at home remaining safe during these times, I'd like to encourage you to be safe, help your community and PLAY MORE GAMES!

Playing games is fun, and who wouldn't want to be a Game Tester for a Career, but the industry is changing and you're going to have to wear many hats to get it all to come together. What does this mean for students? It means you need to learn a little Jack of All Things Media. That means, even if you aren't planning to specialize in a given area, you still need to know how it works because this knowledge just might be the business that gets your game produced, the writing needed to create content that keeps the audience guessing, or even a little web design wrappering, character animation, or audio/video lighting!

SUMMER IS HERE! Where can you start??


FINAL Career Project ideas...


GAME UNIT: Select ONE Game Engine Go To the Code Combat Site Go To the Code.org Site Go To the Construct 2 or 3 Website Site Go To the Alice Website Go To the Ceilfire Website Flappy Bird in Java from Greenfoot
Game Scoring & Grading Rubric Tutorial (broken link?)
HTML 5 Avoid Game
HTML 5 GameMaker

ALICE 3 Tutorials: Intro 1, Intro 2, Additional

(most students begin with Construct 2)

LEARN MORE: Unity3d | PlayCanvas, GameMaker Studio + Tutorial , FREE Construct 2 Assets by Kenney you can use in your game, or start learning PyGame

Run PyGame in REPL:

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