Teacher Links

As Suggested During the Pandemic & Before

Virtual & Remote Education:

  1. ClassWize Screen Monitoring login to CLASS WIZE image showing classwize login details (aka LineWize)Family Zone Classroom (Classwize) is a premium classroom management tool used in AU, NZ, US providing teachers with visibility & control over the classroom. Ext to download to guide & control student screen logged into Google Classroom (like computer labs that use LAN school) ; Students must use the join code to connect their computer (expires in 60 mins) WIKI Guide YouTube Tutorials & a funny one
  2. APS Music Teachers Digital Fileshare
  3. Film Teacher Idea Share (requires login)
  4. Joel Warsh's Google Tech Tools page
  5. Tufts' Positive Technological Development"
  6. What Students Need for Successful Remote Learning Collab Doc
  7. REMOTE LEARNING BOOKS: Council of Great City Schools Addressing Unfinished Learning after COVID19 School Closures June2020, 180 Days: Two Teachers and the Quest to Engage and Empower Adolescents & Daily ELA Class Routine Template, Hybrid Teacher Survival Guide,
  8. BUILDING VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES ONLINE: ECCCO Virtual Community Building Ideas List, How to build community online - Dr Sharla Berry May 2020,
  9. Sparc Open Open Education Movement Group Making Research Materials Free
  10. APS Strategies for Group Projects,
  11. APS Instructional Tools Resource Hub
  12. APS Secondary CONTENT GUIDE [Prototypes]: Art, STEM, Music, Theatre,
  13. ADOBE: Distance Learning Resources, K12 Distance Learning Project ideas,
  14. APS Grants
  15. APS District Resources by subscription (login req)
  16. TYPING CAT basic typing fundamentals, Nitro Type typing races vs peers
  17. Adobe Spark
  18. Adobe Distance Learning
  19. Adobe Dist Learning K12 Projects
  20. Adobe Race & BLM Blog
  21. YouTuber Mr Lee Teaches NetOps

Work from Other Districts:

  1. Helpful Educator Links
  2. JEFFCO: ESS Portal | CS TEACHER Curriculum Hansen's Notes + Jeffco Employees Tech Tips
  3. PHS Digital Music Links
  4. DeAnza Teacher Links
  5. Ms Pate's Digital Photo Class
  6. Beginning Adobe CS or Intro to After Effects from CS5
  7. Former CLUBS: Hip Hop Club, PittProduction, GSA, Robotics