Multi-Class Project

AP Class Project by
ZK CHS c/o 2018

Languages: Python, Java, Arduino, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
IDEs in the Cloud to Test Your Code: Dr Java, for Python, Scratch, Arduino
Other useful programming links: Geeks for Geeks, Code.HS,

click HERE to go to the W3Schools Color Picker page

PRACTICE PUZZLES... what do you know? Problets + Kattis + CodeCombat + CodingBat

Downloadable FREEware Tools: Gimp, Android Studio, Arduino, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, Eclipse Java, C/C++, PHP IDE, PyDev IDE, Django Python Web App Builder,

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CS Programming


Audio Converters: or 9SoundcloudDownloader

2019 Samples of My Work:

PER 5: Adrian Aguilar, Ben Basore, Seth Deighan, Nevan Dempsey, Carl Dixon, Bryan Dong, Scott Eaton, Zoe Finnigan, Quintin Galimanis, Diego Garcia, Nick Giardino, Daniel Hammer, Erin Heald, Owen Hughes, Eli Jennings, Daniel Kenehan, Nathan Lane, Justin Lohrenz, Rachael Martinez, Makenzi McCombs, Zack Miller, Benjamin Perrien, Connor Rose, Steven R (Stevie) Spahn, Christian Uhri, Ryker Wall, Jackson Webster, Trace Williams-Mitchel, Jing Xu,

PER 7: Angelina A, 2 Zachary C, Ewan C, Alec Joshua DJ, Joshua E, Gavin G, Jenelle G, Luis-Elias H, Daniel J, Brenden L, Carson M, Rylan M, Austin S, Katie W, Emily W,

2018 Student PORTFOLIOS & Scripts:

CLASS SITESGoogle Drive | | REPL | W3Schools | myACC | CHROMEBOOK Tools | Shortcut Keys + Code Combat + repl




  1. Signup for Remind,
  2. Create a new Google Doc called "Programming, Your Name, Per #" & click FILE > PUBLISH TO THE WEB > PUBLISH > OK (copy this url to paste in the survey),
  3. Take the Computer Science Programming Survey
  4. Register for using your jeffcoschools email. Select Unit 2: "Computer Science Discoveries" 2018-19. Per 5 → use code DHWTTQ, Per 7 → use code TWFXCV
  5. Signup for ACC's Concurrent Enrollment (2 parts)
    • If you've never taken a class with ACC, apply now or login to myACC and get your S# --> must have your SSN. Complete with parent/guardian (must include their DL#, exp date, and car reg date). No pre req scores is required for this course. When you are finished, logout. When you login again, your S# should be on the right side of account settings.
    • Complete Concurrent Enrollment Form --> see parent email from Mr Lentini for CWB 110 or download from this link

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GAME UNIT: Select ONE Game Engine Go To the Code Combat Site Go To the Site Go To the Construct 2 or 3 Website Site Go To the Alice Website Go To the Ceilfire Website Go To the Greenfoot Website
Game Scoring & Grading Rubric Tutorial (broken link?)
HTML 5 Avoid Game
HTML 5 GameMaker

ALICE 3 Tutorials: Intro 1, Intro 2, Additional

(most students begin with Construct 2)

LEARN MORE: Unity3d | PlayCanvas, GameMaker Studio + Tutorial , FREE Construct 2 Assets by Kenney you can use in your game, or start learning PyGame

Run PyGame in REPL: