Multi-Class Project

AP Class Project by
ZK CHS c/o 2018

Languages: Python, Java, Arduino, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
IDEs in the Cloud to Test Your Code: Dr Java, for Python, Scratch, Arduino

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PRACTICE PUZZLES... what do you know? Problets + Kattis + CodeCombat + CodingBat

Downloadable FREEware Tools: Gimp, Android Studio, Arduino, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, Eclipse Java, C/C++, PHP IDE, PyDev IDE, Django Python Web App Builder,

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CS Programming


2018 Student PORTFOLIOS & Scripts:

CLASS SITESGoogle Drive | | REPL | W3Schools | myACC | CHROMEBOOK Tools | Shortcut Keys + Code Combat + repl




  1. Signup for Remind,
  2. Create a new Google Doc called "Programming, Your Name, Per #" & click FILE > PUBLISH TO THE WEB > PUBLISH > OK (copy this url to paste in the survey),
  3. Take the Computer Science Programming Survey
  4. Register for using your jeffcoschools email. Select Unit 2: "Computer Science Discoveries" 2018-19. Per 5 → use code DHWTTQ, Per 7 → use code TWFXCV
  5. Signup for ACC's Concurrent Enrollment (2 parts)
    • If you've never taken a class with ACC, apply now or login to myACC and get your S# --> must have your SSN. Complete with parent/guardian (must include their DL#, exp date, and car reg date). No pre req scores is required for this course. When you are finished, logout. When you login again, your S# should be on the right side of account settings.
    • Complete Concurrent Enrollment Form --> see parent email from Mr Lentini for CWB 110 or download from this link

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GAME UNIT: Select ONE Game Engine Go To the Code Combat Site Go To the Site Go To the Construct 2 or 3 Website Site Go To the Alice Website Go To the Ceilfire Website Go To the Greenfoot Website
Game Scoring & Grading Rubric Tutorial (broken link?)
HTML 5 Avoid Game
HTML 5 GameMaker

ALICE 3 Tutorials: Intro 1, Intro 2, Additional

(most students begin with Construct 2)

LEARN MORE: Unity3d | PlayCanvas, GameMaker Studio + Tutorial , FREE Construct 2 Assets by Kenney you can use in your game