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What is a good question


The Students go to homecoming at columbine because they can during there designated time period to go They drive there They play music and serve food and water, and it takes place in the colorado world During the dance all the people get to dance on by the dj and then they kiss and then drink and then eat and the come to there inevitable good time. They will let people dance and have a good time and uhhhh do other not so good stuff *ehem jUal ehem* Then or before there is a football game and we are playing against the people and everybody has a good time. They also serve food and refreshments I don't no exactly what happens at the bonfire but i assume we make a bonfire somewhere and then give the gods a sacrifice For more information then go see senior krusty at the office or talk to a senior or you could go to a office member and ask them or they could look at a wall


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