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    Steal my Dank memes and recieve punishments....

    Learning HTML can help me organize information in a web page. This is someonewhat new to me.
    I took this class because I wanted to learn to do certain types of coding / programing.

    List of HTML tags I learned

    1. I titled the document as a .HTML Then Did the shortcut CTRL+S
    2. Then I created a Header
    3. Then I created a Title for my document named,"Test Website My Man"
    4. Then I created a Header
    5. Then I created a Paraghraph using < p > and < /p >
    6. Then I learned how to make the Courier New font/(s)
    7. Then I learned to italicize
    8. Then to Bold words
    9. Then to Underline
    10. how to insert links using < a herf="url" >
    11. How to link other docs like .css files etc. with < a href="file\)file(name)" > < /a >
    12. I learned to create a sidebar as shown in the webpage.
    13. I Learned how to make a rainbow text.
    14. I learned to make div classes.
    15. I learned that you could put Div classes in anything like < h1 >, < p >, etc
    16. Learned to code CSS
    17. Learned to code HTML

    A Good Website for HTML Color Coding

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