Ewan Clement


Columbine High School

Ewan Clement

One of the things I'd like to program this year year is a simple game. If I could be anywhere else I'd be in Frutia.Frutia Mtb My favortie things to do are:

Mountain Bike

BMX Race

Play Video Games

Places I want to go:

Quito, Ecuador

Hong Kong, China

Baja California, Mexico

Moscow, Russia

Some things I like;

Outdoors Indoors Other
BMX Wrestle With Dog (Goose) Go Camping
Mountain Bike Play Video Games Travel
Hang Out with Friends Drive

Things that I don't like;

Extreme heat


Things that don't work

Uneducated polititions

Broken things


Unnecesary school/homework

Waking up before 9 AM

My Computer Science Resume