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 Hinkley Game Design

beginning with a focus on digital design, digital storytelling & development for online media

Hinkley has two computer labs, Mac and PC. Our PC lab is used for eSports and the Mac Lab is used for creative audio/video/game/animation designing. The lab updates allow us to be one of the leading high schools running Unity or Construct for Architecture Design, 3D Design & Rotoscoping, Back End Coding ! WOOHOO!! Students will have the option to become Certified in Unity Programming in the 2021-22 school year. In other years, we have also used Unreal Engine, Minecraft Mod development, RenPy visual novel graphics engine, GoDot, drag-and-drop Levels-Design in Venge.io, 8-bit sprite illustration in PiskelApp, or Py Game in Repl.it. That said, however, students are asked to be patient while bugs are worked out in the lab and in maintaining networked files & applications on a new platform. Students began creating storylines for online gaming and digital story telling in the Fall, saving time for more coding development in the Spring. Students will finish up the year coding for Thumby in a Pilot Partnership with OpenSource Tiny Circuits, using Micro Python IDE to program the smallest ever Raspberry Pi on the world's smallest "gameboy" housing and then studying careers in Game Development. 

Students who would like to start on their own over the summer are encouraged to review resources from the Helpful Links

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