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This is a Production Class! That means you will wear many hats in this class. You will try out many new technologies and Production Jobs as you learn about working in this career and learning what you prefer for yourself. What does this mean for students? It means you need to learn a little Jack of All Things Media. That means, even if you aren't planning to specialize in something, you still need to know how it works because this knowledge just might be the business that gets your game produced, the writing needed to create content that keeps the audience guessing, or even a little web design wrappering, character animation, or audio/video lighting! Students are always surprised when I tell them all the different kinds of places hiring people with the skills you will learn in this class. But where the job comes from, might surprise you. For example, you might want to be a Graphic Designer and find a job at a Trucking Company. You may want a job as a Social Media Influencer and find a job at a Meat Company. You may want a job as a programmer and find yourself in the animal livestock or hospital industry. We're not all gonna work in Hollywood right away and for many people, this is how we get our start! One thing I can say for sure, though, is that from Day 1, you will start learning and practicing Career and Technical skills you can add to your resume that will get you hired. I can't wait to get started!

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  • Syllabus & Details
  • Major Concepts: launch, host, dev kits, dev teams, what to expect working in this career field, industry experts, propaganda, On Location in CO vs NYC/LA, Studio Equip, Connectivity, Live Kit, foley sound & sound fx, live setup/breakdown, Live Set vs Digital Set Design, Microphones & Placement, Equip setup/breakdown, Pitch Business, WRITING; Funding; Editing, Post Production; Bounce/Launch; Career Research, Portfolio & Starting your own Channel
  • FILM: writing, planning, post production editing, producing, camera work
  • AUDIO: beat-making, writing narration for film, soundtracking, recording vocals, eding & producing, and audio post production is a big part of this class. See More on Digital Audio Recording
  • Typical YEAR 1 SOFTWARE: WeVideo, Scriptwriting CeltX software
  • Typical YEAR 2 SOFTWARE: iMovie or Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, Unity for Animation & 3D graphic design, certification available

& Where to Study New Media if You Wanna Study This Subject More:

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