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- Hinkley Artists: 2022 Red Bailey - Royal Insecurities, Jsanaea SegdaLemon GlowNinaTinyRobert GellineauDash oldIsaiah DoumbiaDominicJohnny BeatzIsaiahKing's BroBoofy StaccinNewtAngelo Ponce, RubenKerezoKing NurGael R
CORRIDOS GUYS: Justin Torres + Jorge + Angel R + Sujey

- Columbine Artists: 2020 Buker, Mark Cardona Jr, https://soundcloud.com/mark-cardona-jr2 DJ Adam, DJ Kai, Gierke, Henderson, K-Lingo, Habibi Keep, 2 Joey Ramos, Payton Rivers, Robbie Stasch, Dirt Nap, fanboi Yung Cyrus Rapz, Yung Carson, Dirt Nap, Timothy WrathBliss, 2019 Adderall, Adrian, Jett, Gia Erny, 2, Adrian, Ayden Franz, Echo, Marshall Hunley, Hunter Lallas, Niko, Lil Benz, , Joey Ramos, Payton Rivers, Asher Fan-Boi, JT Trailmix, Desi Trujillo, Connor Woollen, 2018 JoJo, ZauhZauh, Phat Matt, Lopez The Professor, Brando, Damian, ZauhZauh, MicKy V, Young K, TC Cxrnsters, Trique, Dre.D or iLLness, Rated PG, Hyperion Echo, Brit, Kalvin, ML Demonic FanBoy, Giles, Juan Asian Boi, R0b1d1us D4nk4n1us, Logan, JARO, Smurfchek1818, Son Z, MicKyV Fall 2018: Rapper Kid M.O, Adderall, Lil Tuck aka Yung Boo, Tuna Rollin, 6 to the Three, J-Caya, \\cOg//, Time Light, Lil Mcqueen, M.O BLVCK CRVNE, Young_Pedialyte713, Bless Swazy, Brother Ale, Lazy K, Tyler, Trajedy, Lilliam Pumpernickel, Big Bean, SpeakingWithAGhost, JARO, Gezer, Son Z, Michael Stephens, M.O aka BLVCK CRVNE, BunnyFuFu, ResistantDreamz | SPRING 2019: Adderall, Matt Cogburn, Ken Conley, Calvin Dodson, Camden Dunkle, Chris Duran, Leah Esparza, Cody Fiori, Anthony Flores, Jake Gammill, Dominic Garcia, Donovan Garcia, Thyra Herrick, Preston Hoing, Maiya Jackson, Ryan Jaske, Jonathan Landavazo, Senia Lopez, Zac Miller, Jason Pham, Brian Robles, Annika Rotter, Chase Sandberg, Brandon Smerchek, Christian Stroud, Walker Summers, Dani Thompson, Ben Wilber,

- Bay Area & Pittsburg Artists I've Had the Pleasure of Working With: RavidL, AmariaGreen-Shaw, NevaehElfalan Skii925 or $kii los 925, AB tha P, LesleyValles, WhoTfIsKE, RiannaWyatt, AnayaGospel, Tracy Osawe, TiffanyFrias, RealBoyzEnt, NBMOrlando2 or NBMOrlando1 LilYounginZi, TrevonDickerson aka FGBayWay, CBo or ClarenceRobinsonIV, FlexGods FontanaCollins aka GRAYYVV, GHoncho, DeoDinero, PBR.lilant aka , LilMyrt, YoungChris, AondrayPeoples, JaedynMensah GBoy-Papa, LCo Luis, MauricioFernandez, EmandreWinston, BlaseCarter DuirjonTinkMcNeally, HellyP, SpicyMike, JM3, Tesi, FewaAdeyanju, LaurenceMoreno, TheGroovyTRVBE, JonnyBBeats, Oakland's Dub-Esquire, MyronTate Gospel, AliahAlsaraf, Moldover, DJDenise, DJ Jen Wolfe DJ Champagne MissMusicEntertainment


 Digital Music-Making : a Soundtrack to the Soul


Tools & Resources:


Note to Students: Please be thoughtful in researching for-profit colleges which can be VERY expensive in this field. Be sure to inquire about their Graduate Job Placement Rate!

NOTE: All media created or produced using APS Computers or Equipment should be appropriate for FM Radio play. This is in compliance with the APS Student Tech Agreement signed by students in agreement for using Technology in Aurora Public Schools. If you are unsure what can be used, read the Federal Communication Commission's stance on Obscenity, Indecency & Vulgarity. Read APS & Hinkley's Technology Plan.


Wanna make a Home Studio for Recording? How do you want to use it? What kinds of Recordings will you produce? Here are suggested setups used by many student artists & professionals


Digital Recording Industry Software & Apps

- FREE BEAT SAMPLES: Freesound, Andrew Huang's Canada Sample Pack, Ricky Tinez' Sample Packs, Jade Wii's Sample Packs, Bo Beats' Sample Packs
- CHROMEBOOK Apps: Drumbit, Audiotool, Audio Converter, ___
- ONLINE APPS: Free multi-track Composition flat.io | Earsketch2 | RapPad |
- FREEWARE (list keeps changing): MixPad, MuseScore, Audacity, Ear Training for Rhythm Performance in ToneSavvy, ___
FREE Audacity Software; go to http://audacityteam.org/download/mac to download for Mac DM1App iOS App & Software DJ Serato Software FL Studio PC Software + App Native Instruments Maschine Controlllers, Sound Packs & Software Ableton Live Software Reason DAW Recording Software Logic Pro X DAW Software Pro Tools DAW, THE Industry STANDARD in Recording Software
iMaschine iOS app Auria Multitrack DAW iOS iPad App Music Memos iOS App FREE Korg's iElectribe, Gorillaz Edition iPad iOS AudioShare iOS Recording App Loopy iOS Loop Recording App dj iOS app for iTunes Korg iKaossilator XY Pad Controller iOS app
Soundcloud App / Online link DJ Studio 5 for Android Caustic 3 DAW for Android FL Studio app for Android Music Maker JAM eDJ Android app Drumpads 24 for Android


Current Student Artists & Examples of Student Composition & Collaboration

- CURRENT PSSC Student Work In Progress:

Riley R

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Additional Digital Music Topics:

  • DDAM Music SCHOLARSHIP for students
  • How to choose a MIDI controller
  • How to build a NES Pi music controller
  • Create Digital Music blog
  • Gear Slutz Review
  • ⁠⁠⁠⁠Power D Wise label OR Kaotica Mic $200 mic!!
  • Ask English Teacher Mr Woodruff if he'd be willing to demo one of these to our class, Boss looper pedal RC3, Xoom 16-track, tascam 8DP-008EX (does it loop)?
  • Possible Topic of Discussion: How History or Fiction are Replicated Today. Possible Book Read, "The Nightmare Years” - William Shriver's 1930s WWI Book -- how does this relate to today's society???
  • Possible EDM-Form Project Idea: Add Lindstrom's "I feel space"
  • Possible Discussion: "Src up W"hitedOut" & "Hebrew Negro" on YouTube.com and Race in Aurora
  • Audio Discussion: If I know what you're about to say to say, that's the wrong bar, Puff Daddy -- how Biggee could wrap about so many different topics and only four bars
  • FREE DIY Phone Speakers Anyone Can Make