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Intro to Band: Producing DAW Music Remotely

Session 3 Intro to Band PART II (Music Production Unit) ran Nov 3-12, 2020
--> THIS CLASS WILL TURN INTO Intro to Audio / Video in 2021-22

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Wanna make a Home Studio for Recording? How do you want to use it? What kinds of Recordings will you produce? Here are suggested setups used by many student artists & professionals


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Additional Digital Music Topics:

  • DDAM Music SCHOLARSHIP for students
  • How to choose a MIDI controller
  • How to build a NES Pi music controller
  • Create Digital Music blog
  • Gear Slutz Review
  • ⁠⁠⁠⁠Power D Wise label OR Kaotica Mic $200 mic!!
  • Ask English Teacher Mr Woodruff if he'd be willing to demo one of these to our class, Boss looper pedal RC3, Xoom 16-track, tascam 8DP-008EX (does it loop)?
  • Possible Topic of Discussion: How History or Fiction are Replicated Today. Possible Book Read, "The Nightmare Years” - William Shriver's 1930s WWI Book -- how does this relate to today's society???
  • Possible EDM-Form Project Idea: Add Lindstrom's "I feel space"
  • Possible Discussion: "Src up W"hitedOut" & "Hebrew Negro" on YouTube.com and Race in Aurora
  • Audio Discussion: If I know what you're about to say to say, that's the wrong bar, Puff Daddy -- how Biggee could wrap about so many different topics and only four bars
  • FREE DIY Phone Speakers Anyone Can Make