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Intro to Band: Producing DAW Music Remotely

Session 3 PART II (Music Production Unit) ran Nov 3-12, 2020

Daily Assignments & CHAT History



This is a Production Class! That means you will be working EVERY day making things. You will also try out many new technologies and Roles as you learn about working in Music Production and learning what you prefer for yourself. That means, even if you aren't planning to specialize in something, you still need to know how it works because this knowledge just might be the business that gets produced. This is how we get our start! One thing I can say for sure, though, is that from Day 1, you will start learning and practicing Career and Technical skills you can add to your resume that will get you hired. I can't wait to get started!

Complete the What Do You Know survey.
Create two accounts: Bandlab + Soundcloud. Then follow the instructions below:

Using bandlab to Produce your tracks, rip one instrumental or type beat off

  1. Download an instrumental or type beat converted from youtube using ytmp3.cc
  2. Upload this Mic/Vocal track into Bandlab
  3. Add a vocal track (feel free to sing or add adlibs or a second voice)
  4. Add a bass/percussion or other digital instrument
  5. Download Mixdown As WAV
  6. Upload to your soundcloud
  7. hansensclasses on soundcloud to turn your work in (be sure your username shows.
  8. Directions how to upload to Soundcloud & brand your Artist Page

Wanna make a Home Studio for Recording? How do you want to use it? What kinds of Recordings will you produce? Here are suggested setups used by many student artists & professionals

Possible Add-on Audio Music Topics


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