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Local Colleges to Continue Studying Digital Art & Animation 

- Renton Technical College

Highline College: (1) VICOM, (2) Multimedia Design

- Northwest College of Art and Design

- Bates Technical College (NCAD):  (1) Broadcasting/Video Production, (2) Digital Media

- DigiPen Institute of Technology, the first Game Dev University

- Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE): (1) Game Art & Animation, (2) Game Programming, (3) Game Development & Design, (4) 3D Animation & VFX for Film

Digital Art & Animation

Business, Drawing, Cinematic Motion, Film, Sound FX, Voice Acting, AI, Haptics & Sensors, DJ / Live Shows, Entrepreneurship & Contracting, and more...

Animation & Sound Styles: 1) Stop Motion, 2) Motion Graphics using Image Stills, 3) Frame-By-Frame Animation, 4) Onion Skinning, 5) juxtaposing Animated Loops with Sound Loops in LoFi, 5) Reel Production, 6) Using Sound FX & Vocals to lead the story, 7) Voice Acting, 8) Storyboarding



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