1. Logan Justin-Timberlake
  2. Levi
  3. Cole The Beast Mode
  4. Sip Designs
  5. Hyperion Arts
  6. Kitsune
  7. Vince The Power Ranger
  8. J-Money
  9. C-Note
  10. Neil
  11. Ricky
  12. Xarn
  13. Sodja Boi Productions
  14. RaiderNation
  15. Dani
  16. Nick
  17. Clo Madison

Former Artists: DevinsDesigns, NicollDesigns, CCDesigns, JoeyRCT, JTSimons, DannyS, ArtDesigns, SipDesigns, SeguraDesigns, BarnesDesigns, DesignsByWeston, GBDesigns, DaniT, SethBlshWartt, BPGraphicDesign, Robs-Design, LukeK, AidenC,

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NEW Animation & Motion Graphics Course

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- Software Resources: Adobe Creative Suite, GIMP, SketchUp 3D Imaging, websafe color guide,
- Helpful Apps: Adobe Illustrator Draw, _____________
_ Useful Links: Adobe Animation Tutorials, - Course Standards / Class Rules & Expectations / Grade Weights

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Examples of Beginning Animation Students

AJ Bolla Designs Joey Curtis-Thornton Art G Dani T