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Business, IT & Entrepreneurship combined with 15+ years of teaching experience allows Gina Hansen to bring loads of real world experience to the classroom. Previous experiences include working for a large, nation-wide telecommunications company assisting with SAP testing and developing internal multimedia stand-alones & instruction; programming for local businesses; sharing new technology to developers in other countries; and preparing/limiting game audio for devices a learning game education company. Hansen also worked as an Adobe Dreamweaver Beta Tester, participated in a comparative high school exit exams as a Stanford Study Evaluator, and collaborated in multiple digital music Maker Project Collaborations in the SF Bay Area.

Educated in Seattle area & Bay area, Gina Hansen is licensed to teach the subjects listed below in Colorado. During her time in the Bay area, she coached soccer, was co-lead of the Tech Academy, did some Broadcasting, and ran Pro Tools Sessions for Digital Recording Studios. Hansen was also trained to run CA Partnership Academies & Tri-Caster Video Switcher Live Video Stream Production. Hansen also worked teaching WA State Business, Journalism & Computer Media classes, advising Future Business Leaders of America & DECA & coaching soccer and judging WJEA contests. Hansen continues work as a consultant on a per-project basis. In spare time, she enjoys Soccer, Snow Sports, Hiking, Triathlon, playing in bands, Music Composition, Travel, attending Hacking & Maker Event and learning new technologies.

Hansen believes diversity makes us stronger and that challenging yourself to learn new things and understand different perspectives is very important. If you're not challenging yourself, you're not learning. If you're not valuable to your company, why would they want to keep employing you? And in the 21st Century Tech Community, if you're not learning something new, how are you valuable to the company you work for or even the next company you might work for? Being kind to others is also very important. You never know whose path you may cross again. Remember where you came from. You didn't get to where you are without help from someone else. Remember this, and consider how will you give back to your community?


P1 BUS 4 Prep
P2 BUS 4 Prep / Study Hall
P3 SS 11 Multimedia (& Photolab)
P5 BUS 4 Programming
P6 SS 11 S1 Animation, S2 Web Design 1 & 2
P7 BUS 4 Programming

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CO Credentials

    -- CTE Audio/Video /Film Technology (7-12)
    -- CTE Information Technology (7-12)
    -- CTE Visual and Design Arts (7-12)
    -- English Language Arts (7-12)
    -- Instructional Technology (K-12)
    -- Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (K-12)

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