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    The Hansens Classes website connects training & resources for a variety of class topics in Computer Science, Game Development, Animation, Audio/Video and Digital Music Technology, as instructed by Gina Hansen. The site hosts a list of past and present courses, in addition to collections of shareable resources to help promote future media creation among developers. The goal of this site is to support current programming & encourage more makers of music, video, & game design and to share resources that contribute to the development of the greater good. 

Business, IT & Entrepreneurship + 20+ years of teaching experience allow Gina Hansen to bring loads of real world experience to shape classroom experiences for current students. Hansen started IT consulting in the 90s creating media productions in animation, digital music, documentary filmmaking, motion graphics and online tools & web design & hosting solutions. Experience working for every kind of company in this field including Big Business, Startups, Mom and Pop or big Publicly-Traded companies. Previous jobs include working for a large, nation-wide telecommunications company assisting with SAP testing and developing internal multimedia stand-alones & instruction; programming for local businesses; sharing new technology to developers in other countries; and preparing/limiting game audio for devices a learning game education company. Hansen also worked as an Adobe Dreamweaver Beta Tester and participated in a comparative high school exit exams comparing rigorous testing effectiveness in all 50 states. Outside of work, Hansen is a lifelong learner and an early adopter of new technologies. Playing in cover bands, worship mornings, , sit-in in a jazz jam sessions, and writing her own Soundtracks, Music is still a big influence. Recent studio work has included analog, analog-to-digital, and DAW systems. Hansen continues to offer consulting services to clients on a per-contract basis. 

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Growing up in the shadows of Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks and Bill Gates in Washington State combined with California's StartUp Mentality including EA Games, Zynga, Pixar, GoTo Meeting, Yahoo!, Crunchy Roll Studios, Adobe's Beta Cloud software updates & changing Music & Entertainment Law and other companies outsourcing or trying to keep in the game has certainly shaped Hansen's IT perspective and wide breadth of Real World life experiences she can share with students. In CO, Hansen is licensed to teach on the topics at right. Past experiences also include coaching varsity soccer, co-leading a HS Tech Academy, Broadcasting, and ran Pro Tools Sessions for Digital Recording Studios. Hansen was also trained to run CA Partnership Academies & Tri-Caster Video Switcher Live Video Stream Production for Live Sports TV. Hansen also worked teaching WA State Business, Journalism & Computer Media classes, advising Future Business Leaders of America & DECA & coaching soccer and judging WJEA contests. Hansen continues work as a consultant on a per-project basis. In spare time, she enjoys watching Soccer and Triathlon, Snow Sports, Hiking, playing in bands, Music Composition, Travel, Hacking & Maker Events and learning new technologies. She is an early-adopter of piloting new technologies in the classroom that may not even be released yet including Spring 2022 Thumby Pilot Partnership with OpenSource Tiny Circuits, usiNg Micro Python IDE to program the smallest ever Raspberry Pi on the world's smallest "gameboy" housing. Hansen was selected as Staff of the Month last Spring at Hinkley High School in Aurora, CO, after creating greater school communication through studio media production and consistent information sharing updates. 



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Course Schedule

9/1/22 - 6/15/23
AM 7:55-10:25
PM 11:15-1:45

WA-State OSPI 
- RESIDENCY TEACHER: 4-12 English/Language Arts, Journalism
- CTE: Business Management
- CTE: Computer Applications
- CTE: Communication Tech
- CTE: Commercial Design / Applied Art
- CTE: Career Choices
- CTE: Worksite Learning Coordinator

State of CA
- Professional Clear Credential: English
- Cross-Cultural, Language & Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate

- CTE: Information Technology
- CTE: Finance & Business 
- CTE: Arts & Entertainment & Media Management
- Professional Clear Credential: English
- Cross-Cultural, Language & Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate

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