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After the Pandemic we've been very wary of subscribing to paid-software. Now, rather than teaching Software we are teaching Concepts using the software & apps suggested by students on the list, below

APS-Approved YouTube Converter

BE&T Software By Device, 2021

Classroom Computer Software

  1. CODING: → Notepad++ (avail in google app store , but better if you download it) Eclipse MS Visual Studio
  2. GRAPHICS: Krita, Gimp,
  3. ANIMATION & Stop Motion VIDEO: GimpFlipAClip animator, Pivot Animator, or KineMaster VN App
  4. GAMING: Unreal Engine, Unity
  5. AUDIO: Audacity
    These three can be downloaded to your computer. They always run faster when you install it upon your local machine hard drive

Chromebook or WiFi Computer

  1. CODING: repl.it
  2. GRAPHICS: Pixlr X, PiskelApp for drawing game sprites or 8-bit graphics,  add GIMP Chrome Ext to your chromebook, and business & marketing classes use Canva & Pixlr
  3. ANIMATION & Stop Motion VIDEO: KineMaster VN App
  4. GAMING: Construct
  5. AUDIO: your M-Audio Oxygen Prom Mini controller will work with Bandlab. You may also try SoundTrap but I didn't test the controller yet

Phone / Tablet

  1. CODING: repl.it
  2. GRAPHICS: These keep changing. Every phone is different. Adobe DOES offer several lightweight versions you might try out ?
  3. ANIMATION & Stop Motion VIDEO: FlipAClip animator, KineMaster, VN App for StopMotion (more tracks for video; better than iMovie)
  4. GAMING: use your browser to run repl.it, or to run Construct
  5. AUDIO: Bandlab, SoundTrap, Garageband, MUSI, SampleTank, Launchpad, rec 2 tracks on Soundcloud App ONLY ON ANDROID


Two great KRITA channels to check out:

Videos to help with digital painting and anatomy:

Ms H's Ever-Changing Music-Making App List

FUN PAID iOS APPS for sounds, DAW, and connections

Tried-and-True, Paid Music Apps Worth Checking Out on iPhone...
this is the highest paying for App Developers (stuff on iPhone costs more = Developers make more $$$). Watch for Black Friday Dealz. Ranked by frequency of use
  1. DM1
  2. Bass 808
  3. EGDR808 drum machine
  4. Maschine
  5. AudioShare or CaptureAudio
  6. MOOG: best used with a controller or larger device(see vid above)
  7. Audiobus music hub connecting TONS of music-making apps, $10 or AUM hub & mixer for connecting all your device's VSTi's $20, read manual
  8. Auria AMAZING for mixing, quantizing, MIDI, warping, bussing, converting, templating & slicing unlimited synth tracks
  9. Korg ARP Odyssei digital synth WOAH!!!,
  10. Arturia iMini VSTi
  11. Korg iElectribe or Gorillaz Version FREE for PC (they made a whole album using only this app for laying out rhythm & beats
  12. Reason Compact for laying out rhythm & beats
  13. MUSI FREE for sketching ideas out loud into your phone FREE
  14. Launchpad digital groovebox FREE
  15. KOALA SAMPLER digital groovebox w/ FX for Android/iOS, exportable to Live Link Jammable in Ableton
  16. Zen Beats Android/iOS/Mac/PC FREE, connects to Roland Cloud
  17. Groovebox digital synth (I use this for ambient / lofi fills) FREE
  18. Magellan 2 digital synths RECOMMENDED
  19. Andrew Huang's FLIP DAW
  20. Drum Pad Maker (DPM) Google Play Store or iOS FREE beatpad maker
  21. DrumBit Web Browswer app FREE
  22. SampleTank for iOS and Android apps TBD
  23. Gadget (free with some hardware purchases),
  24. Loopy, many students had alotta fun with this

Big Name Paid Music SOFTWARE Worth Checking Out for your Computer...


RESUME & Cover Letter Assignment

BE&T Makeup Opportunity Assignment

Artist Statement starter

Hinkley 5-Para Essay Performance Task IP Grade Makeup Assignment

Hinkley Writing Rubric

Claim Evidence Reasoning writing


APCSP Explore Writing Task (2020)

Job Task Writing: Media Press Release
+ Pitch & Proposal Writing

MLA Style: Citation Machine + Easy Bib

+ Business & Marketing Plan

HS Writing: Exit Exam Writing Help

+ Research Writing + Expository Essay + Reading Report Scoring Rubric + Pros & Cons Argument T-Chart


College Prep: Personal Statement + 6-Point Essay Scoring Rubric

ELL: Typical Errors Made by 2nd Language Learners + Essay Scoring Rubric + Test Out Practice ?s