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Languages: Python, Java, Arduino, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
IDEs in the Cloud to Test Your Code: Dr Java, for Python, Scratch, Arduino

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PRACTICE PUZZLES... what do you know? Problets + Kattis + CodeCombat + CodingBat

Downloadable FREEware Tools: Gimp, Android Studio, Arduino

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CS Programming &
AP Computer Science Principles

Computer Science Principles FULL MANUAL DESCRIPTION

AP Computer Science Principles
Overview & Description

THREE PART EXAM: Explore Task + Create Task (due 4/30/2018) + Practice Questions (5/11/2018)

Part of the CHS AP Capstone Program

- Additional Lanugages Our Class is Considering: Bootstrap 12-col layout grid | Ruby
- Game Design Links: Unity 3D, Construct 2 or Construct 3, Carnegie Mellon's Alice 3, Ceilfire HTML Game Maker
- Think Like An Inventor?: Instructables, Git Hub, Thingaverse

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Go To the Code Combat Site Go To the Site Go To the Construct 2 or 3 Website Site Go To the Alice Website Go To the Ceilfire Website Go To the Greenfoot Website

GAME UNIT: Select ONE Game Engine

(most students begin with Construct 2)
HTML 5 Avoid Game
HTML 5 GameMaker

ALICE 3 Tutorials: Intro 1, Intro 2, Additional

LEARN MORE: Unity3d | PlayCanvas, GameMaker Studio + Tutorial , FREE Construct 2 Assets by Kenney you can use in your game

Game Scoring / Grading Rubric